Local Produce | Fresh Locally-Grown 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables


Erewhon Standard

Clean, pure, direct from the earth, ethical, sustainable...

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Organic, local, seasonal, sustainable, fresh, delicious, a feast for the senses…

Our produce is the epitome of everything we stand for at Erewhon, and everything the best cooks and chefs in LA demand. From succulent red berries, luscious peaches and apples, fragrant lemons and oranges, to plump avocados, yams, and potatoes, or ginger root, burdock, haricot vert, mushrooms, squash, okra, and more, our produce will delight your taste buds while meeting your every expectation for ethically produced food.

Most importantly, our farmers are local and organic, and have the highest standards in sustainable food production.

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