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We are proud to introduce our new organic adaptogenic broth cleanse program to you!  Choose from chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, or vegan mineral broth.

Erewhon’s broth cleanse is truly next level because we have combined slow-cooked broths with medicinal herbs and mushrooms to further enhance the potential health benefits that can be obtained.

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3 day cleanse for $140

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The perfect combination for someone looking for the ease of flexibility and variety while looking to heal and detoxify from the inside out. This cleanse will keep your energy levels even, while boosting your immune system allowing for a longer fast that is easier on the body than a traditional liquid-only fast (due to the small amount of fiber from the soup).

Select your broth:
Beef Bone Broth
Chicken Bone Broth
Beef + Chicken Bone Broth
Vegan Mineral Broth

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is full of amino acids, collagen, trace minerals and dozens of other nutrients found in the bones that are not easily obtained from other commonly eaten foods. It is low in calories and high in nutrients, specifically minerals and other nutritional compounds that modern diets lack due to soil depletion. Most people do not know that without minerals, vitamins cannot be utilized by the body and are rendered useless. Bone broth is low in calories and very high in minerals and other nutritional compounds that many people lack. It is known to strengthen every part and system in the body from the stomach to brain, from muscle to ligaments and tendons. Bone broth is one of the most ancient food substances on earth that has been used in almost every culture throughout history to improve health and support a healthy immune system.

What is Kombu?

Kombu is a type of seaweed that grows in dense “forests” in the ocean, also known as kelp forests. These forests create an ecosystem for all the organisms that live on the ocean floor and the surface of the water. Because of this, the surrounding seaweed absorbs a vast amount of nutrients.

Key Benefits of Bone Broth

supports the immune system
strengthens digestion and repairs stomach
maintains healthy skin, elasticity
protects the joints
encourages detoxification
improves metabolism

Key Benefits of Vegan Mineral Broth

improves digestion
improves thyroid function
combats arthritis
prevents anemia
contains iodine and is one of the most iodine-rich foods on the planet
potent source of iron
packed with ocean minerals