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Kosher food is food prepared under Jewish dietary laws.

Our Los Angeles location is right at the heart of a large kosher community. There is a synagogue right across from us on Beverly Blvd., and several more close by. Our savvy customers seek the finest, high quality, organic foods available most of which happen to bear the reliable kosher symbols – OU, Kof K, K.S.A, RCC.

These are some of the brands with Kosher products that we carry: Amy’s, Arrowhead Mill, Bob’s Red Mill, Eden Foods, Vita Spelt Flours, Vital Vittles, Food For Life Ezekiel, Horizon, Deboles, Ancient Harvest, Silk & Rice Dream, Earth Balance, Strauss, Wallaby Organics, So Delicious, Earth’s Best Baby Food, Woodstock Farms, Bragg’s, DeLallo, Coconut Manna (Butter) by Nutiva, and Artisana, Julie’s Organics and many more. And we carry Kosher wines, including —Kedem, Goose Bay, Gamla, Ramon Cardova, and Herzog.

We are determined to make every effort to meet the dietary requirements of our kosher neighbors and to ensure that they feel very much at 利来app官方下载home in the store.


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