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Clean, pure, direct from the earth, ethical, sustainable...

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Shoppers come from all over Los Angeles, and beyond, to browse the aisles, and choose from our carefully selected and often hard to find items.

Our buyers painstakingly evaluate each product to ensure that every item meets our very stringent Erewhon Standard. We stock a wide range of macrobiotic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and kosher items. We have superfoods, dairy items, dairy substitutes, honeys, oils and vinegars, wines and much more. And there is our household section with eco-friendly cleaners.

In the dairy section you will find organic butters, cheeses, raw milks and yogurts. Our dairy substitutes, include hemp, rice, flax, soy, and almond milks, soy and rice cheeses, coconut butter and more. You can find fermented foods, many kinds of kombuchas and coconut waters, a large number of organic and herbal teas, a wide range of organic oils – almond, truffle, black truffle, grape seed, walnut, hemp, coconut, and olive; an exciting number of vinegars and honeys. We have the best bottled waters; organic baby foods and baby products; and an excellent selection of wines.

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